Guest Post– Wind Power for Your Home

Alternative Energy for Your Home: Why Wind is an Excellent Choice

You like the idea of being less dependent on a single source of electricity for your home. The concept of powering the house using an energy source that’s kinder to the environment is also attractive. As you look at different forms of alternative energy, don’t overlook the possibilities offered by outfitting the home with equipment capable of generating energy from the wind. Here are some of the reasons this solution could be just what you want.

The Cost of Setup and Operation

Using any type of alternative energy source does mean investing in the right equipment. What you may not realize is that creating a residential wind energy plant is less expensive than many other approaches. The key so the lower start-up cost is the simplicity of the plant itself.

Using the wind for energy is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for centuries. Many of the basic concepts used with the windmills of antiquity lend themselves easily to the creation and use of wind turbines today. Drawing on the technology of the past and adapting it for use today is one of the reasons you can get started with less overhead.

The savings don’t stop there. You’ll find that wind energy is one of the least expensive per kilowatt generated. Long after you’ve paid for the initial installation and covering the costs of periodic maintenance, you’ll have access to energy that is more affordable than any other sources you’ve used in the past.

Wind Energy is Clean

It’s hard to think of any form of energy generation that’s cleaner than using wind as the source. No fossil fuels are used in the creation of the energy and the process does not have any negative impact on the environment. With virtually no carbon footprint and no waste that must be discarded in some remote location, you can power your home and know you are doing something to preserve the earth’s resources for future generations.

Preserving Water

It’s true that water is a renewable resource. Even so, it is somewhat scarce in some areas of the world. Did you know how many conventional power plants rely on water as part of the cooling process needed to maintain power plants that use coal, or gas-fired equipment to do the job? A power plant based on wind energy does not require the same cooling action and eliminates the need to place a greater demand on water. That’s helpful anywhere but especially helpful during a drought or in areas where water is not as plentiful.

Easy to Install On or Near Existing Structures

Depending on the design of your turbine and battery storage system, alterations to your will be minimal. There are homes that require nothing in the way of structural changes other than some slight cutting to find a place to insert the turbines and run the lines to the storage batteries. In some cases, you’ll find that setting up a wind energy station on your property and running lines to the home will make the installation even easier.

There’s More Wind Than You Think

One of the objections that some detractors have about a wind energy system is that it’s not creating any energy when the weather is calm. In fact, the system is likely generating a little energy even when there does not seem to be much of a breeze.

This is because wind is the result of a combination of sunlight and it’s heating effect on the planet coupled with the natural rotation of the earth. Add in the peaks and valleys found around the planet along with terrain that slopes and it’s easy to see how there is still some amount of wind even when we tend to not notice it much.

What this means is that on days when you really don’t sense much wind, there is still a little amount taking place. Your turbines don’t need a lot to generate some energy. When you thing about the fact that the turbines are creating energy day and night, and that energy is being stored for future as well as immediate use, any worries about days with no apparent wind will be a thing of the past.

A Dual Energy System Prevents Waste

Think of what happens if the traditional power grid is down for a few days. It’s not just having no power to use your computer or run the air conditioner. There’s also the problem of how to keep all the food in your refrigerator and freezer from spoiling. If you have several hundred dollars of meat in the freezer, the last thing you want is to have all of it go bad before the power can be restored.

If you have a dual energy system that makes it possible to use the wind energy stored in batteries when the main grid is out, you can relax. There will be enough power to keep your food safe. You can even run all the other electrical appliances in your home and live comfortably without wondering how long the grid will be down. That type of independence alone makes setting up your own wind energy plant worth the cost and effort.

Talk with a professional, like, about what it would take to set up a turbine system and battery storage for your home. The process could be easier than you think and the overall expense much less than you anticipated.

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