Weird and Wonderful Homes


Weird and wonderful homes was an interesting article to write. It was a lot of fun to research.  There seems to be no end of pictures and ideas to browse through.  I am just touching on the subject here, and have included numerous links for you to follow. Touch on some and prepare to be amazed.   Weird and wonderful homes abound.

Log houses can fit the environment nicely.

Log houses can fit the environment nicely. 

Log homes are not that weird but are rare enough to be interesting. They are reminiscent of pioneer days in North America.

I am not an advocate, as I feel that several conventional houses could be framed, if lumber was cut from the logs. They are romantic, and quite beautiful, in the right setting. Exterior maintenance is quite high.

A weird and wonderful dome dwelling
A dome building of fabriccignoh / / CC BY-NC-ND

Dome houses can be constructed of  several material choices.  Reinforced concrete is commonly used.  It’s strength allows for berming or burial of the dome. Even fabric, with little framework, and supported by air pressure, is a possibility. Geodesic domes, popularized by Buckminster Fuller, allow for the use of triangular flat panels, which can be almost any material.  An Eskimo igloo is an ancient example of a dome house. The inherent strength of a dome, or of the triangles they may be composed of, is great.

You can’t be cornered in a round room.

A weird and wonderful underground home
Beautiful contours of an underground / CC BY-SA

Underground homes are easier to maintain at an even temperature because of the thermal mass surrounding them. They are nearly impervious to extreme wind and can be very quiet.  I would think they would be an excellent choice for Tornado Alley.

Flooding or moisture could be a problem unless built on a high, dry, hillside. Location choice could be critical, especially in wet, or high snowfall areas.  Providing natural light could be a problem. Views may be restricted.

 Berm houses are a variation of underground homes  They are built on the level, and then banked with earth.

Straw bale house under constructionThe Year of Mud / / CC BY-NC

Straw bale homes are well insulated and sound proofed by the thick walls. Straw bales are available locally in most areas. 

weird and wonderful firewood house
House or winters fuel supply?Denis Collette…!!! / / CC BY-NC-ND

Stack wood or cord wood homes are built by stacking and mortaring wood blocks.  I am not sure if the above picture is a stack wood home, or merely an attempt to keep the winters fuel supply close at hand.  Might be a fun method for a wilderness cabin, using readily available material.

Lake Bigeaux houseboat
A marine / CC BY-SA

Houseboats are often just a floating recreational vehicle.  They are, however. used as permanent residences.  Not very practical on water bodies that freeze over unless they can be pulled ashore.

A good way to avoid property taxes in many cases.

Your swimming pool is large and convenient if there are not too many crocodiles.

A weird and wonderful treehouse
Huge treehouseChristine Westerback / / CC BY-SA

A tree house is reminiscent of childhood.  The house in the above picture does not quite qualify.  It is so large it requires extra support.  Hang a few vines, practice a primal scream, and, you are ready to cosplay as Tarzan.  A loin cloth is a pretty cheap costume.

Night Light
Should be able to find your way home at nightChristolakis / / CC BY-NC-ND

Some are really weird.

weird and wonderful
I’m getting a head-acheszeke / / CC BY-NC-SA

 And more weird homes

Natures Roof
Rocks and weeds?Paul Stevenson / / CC BY

What the heck is this?

Weird and wonderful flying saucer house.
A spaced out ideagreenkayak73 / / CC BY-NC-ND

Theme houses and houses converted from unusual constructions are some of the more unusual homes.

Converted barns, and warehouses, are quite common. Not so common are water tower conversions or shipping container houses.  A glass house, such as one that is built in Japan, would be suitable for an exhibitionist.  Try mirrors if you are a narcissist.

Some dwellings, like the several examples of Flintstone homes, are house cosplay.

Rammed earth home
A practical alternative for many areas.Lsbentz / / CC BY-NC-ND

Rammed earth houses are not that weird. It is an ancient construction technique. Quite common in Australia, and becoming more so in the southern  U.S..  A good choice, where wood is scarce or expensive, and local soil is suitable.

Weird and wonderful bottle House, Calico Ghost Town
I should have saved my empties. I could have built a subdivision.StevenM_61 / / CC BY-NC-ND

bottle house is the ultimate in reuse and recycling. Could be practical in some areas that do not have collection and recycling programs.

Jay Shafer and his Tiny Home
You can get a real feeling of intimacy.Telstar Logistics / / CC BY-NC

Tiny houses are a sort of counter-culture at odds with the trend for larger and larger homes. They are often permanent  structures but are sometimes designed for occasional moves.  They use little material and resources to build and maintain.

I have a lot of admiration for people who choose this minimalist lifestyle. They leave a light footprint.

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