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A Nearly Finished Home

Our nearly finished home

Our home

Gage, the super, is checking my every move.

We now have a nearly finished home. It has been a bit of a strain on this old body but we were able to move in before winter. There is still quite a bit to do but the pressure is off.

Changing seasons

The scenery changing with the seasons

For those of you who live in more moderate climes, we had our first snowfall a few days ago (Oct.28). The temperatures at night are fairly consistently below freezing, with the lowest to date about minus 14 celsius. That is about 7 degrees fahrenheit. Our somewhat unconventional heating system worked perfectly through this first test. Of course, the house is super tight, and super insulated, so it requires very little heat. In fact, we were heating with only a small electric heater until we had our gas hooked up, less than 2 weeks ago. It was always comfortably warm.


We have a bed room

Our bedroom is nearly finished. We went outside the box a bit, and installed a chandelier.

We had one of our unforeseen delays in acquiring our gas service. Apparently, the gas company had a major outage and were short of staff. It took nearly two weeks, from the time I requested service, until the meter was installed. It was fortunate that everything worked when we started it up.

I promised to report on the results of my ceiling stippling job. I thinned drywall mud to the consistency of thick paint, and applied it in about 5 ft squares with a long nap roller. Stippling was done by pushing a special brush into the mud. After a few days drying, I primed and painted. The end result was satisfactory but not as perfect as I would have liked. The drywall joints should have been finished just a little better. The  joints are slightly visible when some lights are on, and should have been finished to nearly the same degree as required for painting. It is obvious that this is not a method to hide large flaws in your finish. It does, however, avoid the problems inherent in painting a large flat ceiling. Overall I am happy with the results, of this, my first attempt

A stipple ceiling

My stipple job

Stomping brush used for stipple

Stomping brush used for stipple

The brush used for stippling is sometimes known as a stomping brush. They are available in a few different configurations, such as rosebud or crowfoot, which can be double or single. I had a little difficulty finding one in Canada, as this is a method seldom used in this area.  Lowes was the only retailer I could find that stocked one. I was able to order via the internet. They may be more available from drywall distributors.

Most of my final inspections have been done. Everything passed with only a few minor changes.

I had originally planned on two water heaters for potable and heating, but research, and a few other concerns, convinced me to use one heater with a heat exchanger instead. Since the Navien NP-240(A) I am using is rated at an input BTU of about 200,000, there is no shortage of capacity.Because of a lack of experience, I chose to oversize the heat exchanger. The extra cost was insignificant. Unlike other types of heating, the over sizing of components has an insignificant  effect on fuel efficiency. I will dedicate a future post exclusively to this type of heating. I will add that I am sitting at my computer this morning with bare feet. Very comfortable.

Heating and hot water

This provide all our heat and hot water

I installed a circulator in my potable hot water system. This provides almost instant hot water to sinks and showers. This allowed me to use 3/4 inch water lines to all branch offs. This means that if you are in the shower, and somebody opens a faucet, there will not be a shocking change in water temperature. Although there is some energy cost ( reduced by insulating all hot water lines), there are significant reductions in water wastage.

Heat exchanger and watercirculators

A look at part of our system

Gage has a girlfriend who comes to visit and to go for a walk everyday. That’s her staring at the camera. Her name is Lulu, and the only things she likes better than Gage, is her “Mom” and food.



Gage the supers girlfriend



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