Moving, an argument for staying put

Moving, a word that strikes fear in the heart of any sensible couple. Hard labor, exhaustion and conflict is what you can look forward to. We started a week ago, and are down to our last couple of loads. We are still married, and still healthy, but getting a little tired. We are a little old for this.


No, not my truck, but close.

We decided to move with our own little truck, as it is only a 100 mile (161 km) round trip. Turned out to be more loads than anticipated though, and we still have a couple to go.

It is mid April in Alberta, and it is snowing and blowing. The temperature is hovering just below freezing, and the highways are probably a dangerous mess. It is 6:30 A.M., and having looked out the window, I am trying to decide how risky a trip would be this morning. Probably won’t have much traffic to contend with. The joys of moving.

The reason for using our own truck is primarily economics. Total cost will be about a $150. for gasoline. This is a major saving over hiring a moving company, or even over renting a large truck. Renting a trailer would have been less expensive option, but my little truck can only pull a small one, and there is no place near to get one. The weather right now, though, makes me wish it was someone else’s problem.

Of course, our house is not built yet, so the furniture is going into storage in the garage on our lot. There is barely wiggle room in there now.

This week I met with the contractor who will doing our excavation, and water and sewer connection. There was still a lot of snow on our location, so I had it pushed off to speed drying. I guess I could say we have officially started our build.

Our tenants are moving in this weekend, and we will be off to get our RV. I hope this weather improves soon. RV living is just not as attractive with snow on the ground. Might be a good time to visit some relatives.

A shortage of time is forcing me to shut up, and be satisfied with a short post this time. It takes a lot to shut me up, but running out of time, or a bloody nose, will do it.

Until next time.

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