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Build your own home

Build your own home

Why build your own home  Reasons you might want to build yourself or not

Planning your dream  Things to think about before you put your plans on paper

Whats in the future  Trying to guess future needs and conditions

Preparing for the worst  The bad that can happen and some suggestions of how to be ready

The KISS principal  Keeping it simple

Women as builders  Why you can and special problems a woman may face

Saving bucks  A start on the subject of keeping costs down




Energy efficiency and the environment  Self explanatory

House configurations  A discussion of basic house designs

Back to the land  Things you may have to deal with before starting or planning the build

Alternatives  Some alternative ways to get the home you need and want

Planning for savings  More suggestions for reducing costs

Buying wisely, buying for less, buying early    How to get the best bang for your buck

Resale value  Thoughts on resale value and tips on selling your house

Foundations, basements and footings  The different types of foundations and comments on each

Walls  Different types of walls and their components





Surprises  Recent unexpected setbacks affecting our house project

Working safely  Safe practices on the job

Permits and building codes  Requirements and discussion

Building your retirement house  special considerations for seniors and handicapped

Painting problem at the ceiling  poor results when painting a large flat ceiling

Good work practices  safety and keeping employees happy and productive

Tools you may need  Tools and equipment for building your house

Roof choices for your home  about trusses ,roofing material and some pros and cons

Attic ventilation  Attic ventilition is a critical area of your home design

Insulation, air barriers and moisture barriers  about this crucial aspect  of house construction




Windows and exterior doors  details about wind and door types

Installing windows and doors  How to and tips

Heating fuels past, present and future  Rapid fuel cost increases and the environment affect your design choices

Home heating systems commonly used today  Self explanatory

Cabinets can create a centerpiece of design  All about cabinets and countertops

Build your house, buy an existing home or rent?  Comparing the options pro and con

Spring time in Alberta  Off topic humor, an ode to spring and complaints about old age

Framing tips and techniques   basic wood frame building

Systems that make a house work   about electical, plumbing, security, etc., etc.

saving moneyConserve cash and get ready to build your house   ways to save

Moving, an argument for staying put  the trials of moving

A house for less than 100000 dollars   how to build for 100000 or less

Landscaping for beauty and utility   what to consider when planning your landscaping

Getting started on our house   Our first steps

The environment and building your home  The effect of your choices on the environment

Environment as your responsibility   An introduction to a page about the emvironment


A study in shadows

A study in shadows

House building progress to May15   Trying to get started on our house

Easy efficient radiant heating   A simple heating system I will use in my own home

Size matters when building your house   The advantages and disadvantages of smaller size

Foundation Excavation   Pictures and comments about the dig for our foundation

Installing water and sewer   A photo record of installations

Footing, Foundation and Floor  progress   Photos and comments

Raising Walls   The next steps of the build

Raising the roof   Raising rafters, sheathing and shingling the roof


This climate reqires a robust heating system


Trying To Beat Winter  Working our butts off

A Nearly Finished Home  We have beaten winter

Cost to build a house  Our house is nearly complete and we can estimate final cost.

Finishing Carpentry, the Final Touches   How to hang interior doors.

Baseboards and Casings   Basic how to

Heating with a Hydronic Radiant  System  Questions an answers about under-floor heating

Hydronic Radiant Heating  More details and diagrams

Weird and Wonderful Homes   A look at fun, funny, and different homes

Moving in   Our initial impressions and experiences

Save the Environment, Save Your Money The relationship between cost and environmental impact

geezerTwenty Ways to a Senior Friendly Home  The title is descriptive

A sustainable lifestyle environmental issues

Environmental cost of building materials   Acomparison of common construction materials

An oilsands perspective   A response to Neil Young

An Efficient House  Tips for making your house all around efficient 

Controlling Humidity in your House   A self descriptive title

House Tour  A tour of the interior of our essentially complete house.

Climate Change, Environment, Resource Conservation   The problems and the solutions as I see them.


A view from our deck

A view from our deck


Save Cash, Reduce GHGs and Save the Planet   Ten ways to make your home more efficient.

Unfinished Business, Spring Projects   Deck building, landscaping,gutters.

A 200 day review   After six months in the new house

House Design Tips, Part One – Property Considerations.  A home design primer.

House DesignTips, Part Two, Getting Started.  More of the same.



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