Foundation Excavation

Foundation excavation is the beginning of real construction.

Since I am doing the entire job without hiring trades, there should be no more significant delays. The only limitation will be my own stamina. I am certainly glad to be at this stage (about a month later than planned).

before foundation excavation

Our building site first thing this morning.

Notice all the nice yellow flowers we are about to destroy.

It is not evident from this picture as a nice rain came to our rescue, but we have been getting fuzzed by our trees. The native quaking aspen to the south of our property are shedding seed. It looked like snow yesterday. I love trees, but like my wife, they can annoy me at times. I had better say it again. I love my wife. She might read this.

A excellent tool for foundation excavation

The best way to do an excavation

Thompson Ditching from Lacombe moved this nearly new track hoe  to the site last night and Tony started digging first thing this morning. It was immediately evident that he was a very experienced operator with top notch equipment at his disposal.

precision equipment for foundation excavation

Find the laser level

If you look carefully in the top left corner, you will see a laser level. On board technology allows the operator to dig perfectly level.  No extra help is required, and the operator never has to leave the cab. Amazing equipment that saves a lot of time, work, aggregate, and concrete. Not to mention much less aggravation. I probably won’t have to start my shovel. Never could find the switch on the darn thing.

Almost finished foundation excavation.

Finished very quickly

Finished very quickly. My coffee barely got cold.

A near perfect job of foundation excavation

A near perfect job

Soil conditions turned out to be excellent with no surprises. Coupled  with a good excavation, things are much easier. Done my layout in just over an hour. checked the levels with my own builders level and found them near perfect..  I can place my footing forms right on the dirt with only a little fine tuning being necessary. It is hard to beat equipment and operators of this quality for this type of job.

I had enough time left to go to town, pay for my framing package, and arrange for delivery tomorrow. No more excuses, now I have to go to work. Well, it is close to my bed, when this old bod wears out.

Living by our foundation excavation

My wife, Bobbi, is making this look more like a home by the day

We are starting in the hole, but it is all up for a while now.

Thank you Steve, Tony, Nathan

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