Footing, Foundation and Floor Progress

The footing ,foundation and floor is in progress.

I have been very busy, and working this old body nearly to exhaustion. The progress has been very satisfying, though. Luck has been with me, and material has been arriving as needed, with no delays or need for make work.

I have had very little time for writing, but I will to try and update a little.

Footing forms

Ready to pour footing

Finished the footing forming with the help of my son, Wayne, and poured concrete on Monday. The crew consisted of myself, friend Don, niece Corrine and her son Cody. Bashaw Concrete Products Ltd. delivered the concrete. The driver was very considerate of our old and inexperienced people. It went quite well with only a couple of wheelbarrow spills.

Concrete footing

Pour finished

Note the keyway and reinforcing used to tie the foundation to the footing.

Delivery of forms

Forms delivered

Having a pleasant conversation withe the delivery driver. As with a lot of other folks, he had his own house building stories.

Installing foundation forms

Foundation forming

Foundation forms

All standing

These forms were all assembled the same evening they were delivered. There was a long days work ahead. The entry needed to be framed, corner and top bracing was installed, the forms were glued down with low exspansion foam, and the last of the re-bar was installed. Unfortunately I ran out of camera batteries and have no pictures of this. For some reason, we didn’t think to use the cell phone.

Concrete pumping truck

Preparing to pump concrete

A concrete pump makes the pour much easier.This type of forming would be very difficult to fill without it.

We poured with only a crew of three, myself, Don and sister Karen. The average age was over seventy. A bunch of tough old coyotes .It took less than two hours, but we hurt a bit when finished.

The boss

The boss is smiling

The boss looks scary enough when he is smiling. Imagine if he is upset.

Floor joists

Starting on the floor system

It is raining just a bit this morning, so I can take the time to write this post. I need a little break anyway, after working through the weekend.

The next week will be used to install  piping for underfloor heating and to build the floor system. I will attempt a better job of taking pictures. The footing, foundation and flooring is progressing as planned. And surprisingly well.

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