Environment as your responsibility

The responsibility for the protection of the environment is largely yours and mine.

our environmentI have little progress to report, as we are still waiting on a development permit. It should arrive this week, so actual construction should start soon. We have been spending our time cleaning up our lot and working on part of the landscaping.

It has also given me time to think. I have to be careful to not hurt myself by overdoing that.

The environment and saving money are two mountain environmentsubjects I spent a lot of time ruminating on. The result was a rather long essay. Too long, I felt, for a post. I have published it as a page under the title “The Environment, Global Warming and you.”

I know that everyone is, or should be, concerned with our environment. My take on what should be done is, perhaps, a little different. I hope you will find a little time to read this page and comment on it. Perhaps share it with your friends.

Beauty in the environmentAfter living all my life in rural areas, I have seen the environment degraded alarmingly. There have been many changes, including weather norms. Admittedly, some of the changes have been good and even beneficial to people and some wildlife. Other developments have been much less benign. Change, however has been constant.

It is my belief, that the environment is not directly the responsibility of government or industry. Rather, I believe that the responsibility for environment protection, lies directly on the shoulders of the individual. Government can influence the actions of individuals if it is politically popular to do so. Industry is governed by the buying habits of individuals. It all comes back to you and me. When enough people are willing to commit to a course of action, government and industry must follow.

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